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El Diablo Truckmount

El Diablo is the Gold Standard for Truckmounts in its weightclass.
Everything is easily accessible and spaced for easy access—chemical feed is directly through the pump and adjustment through the flo-meter (no chemical diaphragm pump)—no heat exchangers to challenge your waste tank with bypass dumping of hot water or aEl Diablo diverter valve with solenoids and moving parts to perplex your distributor’s service department as to what is wrong with this thing! The El Diablo weighs approximately 700 pounds and can be mounted in either the rear or side of a van. A rear installation allows a vacuum hose reel to set next to the unit, leaving the rest of the van open.(download a PDF showing the van layout options).
Powerful: Now with a Kohler 27 HP V-Twin engine to directly drive a Roots 45 blower with direct 2-1/2 inch plumbing from the stainless steel waste tank to the blower and out of the blower to the silencer system – providing maximum airflow and vacuum. (The first customers are asking if there is a way to turn the vacuum down).
El Diablo’s High Performance allows the ability to have exceptional long vacuum hose runs on difficult commercial jobs—up to 700 feet, with performance that rivals the performance of units using 47 or 56 blowers—units which cost $25,000, plus!! High performance means outstanding water restoration capabilities, as well as dual wand operation.
High Quality means using the very best components that are industry proven: Kohler 27 HP V-Twin engine is the best engine in overall performance and torque; the Roots 45 blower is the industry leader in reliability and quietness; the Cat 3CP pump with a clutch is simply the best in the industry. The 75 gallon waste tank is stainless steel and guaranteed for 5 years. The waste tank features an aluminum waste basket for easy maintenance and an automatic pump out option. A 195,000 BTU diesel heater delivers consistent 225 degree cleaning temperatures, even when dual wanding.
El Diablo Carpet cleaning unit with 125 feet of high quality vacuum and high pressure solution hose; 2-jet S wand with 1,200 psi valve; 6 gallon diesel tanks with diesel heater (10 gallon belly mounted propane tank with propane heater).
El Diablo Diesel: 35″W X 46″H X 51″L
El Diablo Propane: 35″W X 42-1/2″H X 55″L
Weight: 700 lbs.


El Diablo received the Gold rating from CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) for meeting the highest standards for equipment in its class… and for good reason!

The El Diablo HE

EL Diablo HEThe NEW MasterBlend Heat Exchange Truckmount -The El Diablo HE
 MasterBlend has released its new heat exchange truckmount – The El Diablo HE. The new El Diablo HE features high performance heat, pressure, vacuum, and versatility with proven components and superior innovations all from a quality-driven manufacturer. It joins the diesel-fired El Diablo in the lineup of MasterBlend truckmounts.
Features include:
 Kohler Command PRO 27 HP Electronically Fuel Injected Engine delivers high power performance, long-life durability, reliable starting, and uses 25% less fuel than carbureted engines of the same size. Its overhead valves provide greater efficiency and higher compression. The optimized injector placement and intelligent sensor pack deliver fuel wherever and whenever there is a demand for power, while the variable speed mechanical governor provides smooth performance, regardless of fluctuating power demands. Durability is designed into the engine with features such as its oil pressurized hydraulic valve lifters, oil cooler, and large capacity in-line fuel filter, while full-pressure lubrication delivers continuous lube to critical engine components. The electronic ignition system generates a stronger spark at low cranking speed while EFI means no-choke starting even in cold weather. An advanced oxygen sensor analyzes and adjusts the air/fuel mixture for optimum fuel efficiency.
• Roots 4.5 URAI-J-DSL direct coupled blower provides up to 400 CFM air flow and features Dual Splash Lubrication to the gear AND drive ends for long life and quiet performance. The Roots exclusive “figure-eight” gearbox design improves oil distribution to maximize bearing and gear life. The patented WHISPAIR™ blower jet design operates with up to 40% less pressure pulsation than conventional blowers, which results in less shock, lower vibration, and lower noise being transmitted through the impellers to the bearings, providing longer bearing life.
• Mechanically controlled Kunkle Valve on the waste tank maximizes airflow to the wand eliminating wasted air through a typical relief valve. This enables the system to provide true dual wand capability with long hose runs up to 700’ by remaining closed until 14” of mercury lift is achieved.
• Cat 3CP1120 high-pressure pump with electric clutch and high temperature seals—up to 2,000 psi and 4.2 gpm.
 Last step stainless steel Cat Pumps solution injection pump permits chemical application at system pressures up to 2000 psi. All internal metal wear parts are stainless steel for durability. Fluorocarbon elastomers for resilience and chemical compatibility means no more diaphragms to replace.
• New heat exchange system featuring a 6 gallon stainless steel water reservoir box capable of holding preheated solutions up to 165 degrees and finned tube coil heat exchanger that generates consistently high cleaning temperatures up to 220 degrees plus with 2-02 jets. The system includes an innovative heat bypass diverter which bypasses heated air away from the heat exchange coils for more accurate temperature control without any undue temperature rise, especially during flood work.

The TCS Chief II

Dual Wand Performance
The Chief II is the flagship of the TCS line. Powered by the legendary Kohler 29 E.F.I., the high-performance blower provides all the chief2flow you need for dual-wand performance. The additional air flow and waster capacity makes the Chief II an ideal choice for the serious restoration professional. Cleaning in dual-wand configuration helps cut down on the amount of time it takes on large cleaning jobs in half. Another feature is the 180,000 btu propane heater that provides sizzle, even with both wands working at the same time

Specifications Accessories
29 HP E.F.I Kohler Engine
Sutorbilt™ 4L DSL @ 495 CFM vac blower
General Emperor HTX 1810S solution pump
Little Giant 4 HT 180,000 btu @200+ degrees heater
250′ vacuum hose w/ reel
250′ solution hose w/ live reel
150′ supply hose w/ live reel
175 gallon recovery tank
55 gallon fresh water tank
Stainless steel 2 jet S-bend wand
$18,795 Complete- Applicable shipping and taxes not included. DOT approved fuel tap may be required

The TCS Chief II Diesel

The Ultimate Cleaning Machine

Combine TCS Simply Dependable Chief II performance with the superior longevity of a Chief II DieselKohler diesel engine and the seriously high temperatures of a flow-fired diesel boiler and you have the new Chief II Diesel. Specially designed for operation in diesel Sprinter vans and box trucks, the Chief II Diesel is the right choice for the serious professional who wants a blazing hot, high performance, no-compromise truckmount designed to last thousands of hours with only routine maintenance.
Diesel engines provide higher torque, so you will notice that even under maximum load, the Chief II Diesel purrs along without ever bogging down. You get consistent excellent vacuum when extracting water, using subsurface extraction tools and other demanding operations. The single fuel for vehicle, truckmount and heater means added convenience and simplicity. The Chief II diesel-fueled boiler provides the highest temperatures of any truckmount on the market.

Specifications Accessories

Kohler 3 cylinder 1028 CC 26.1 HP Diesel
Sutorbilt™ 4L DSL @ 495 CFM vac blower
General Emperor HTX 1810S solution pump
280,000 btu Diesel flow-fired heater
250′ vacuum hose w/ reel
250′ pressure hose w/ live reel
150′ supply hose w/ live reel
175 gallon recovery tank
55 gallon fresh water tank
In line pre-filter box
Stainless steel 2 jet S-bend wand
$21,935 Complete: Applicable shipping taxes not included. DOT approved fuel tap may be required.

The TCS Chief

Incredible Power Strength

The TCS Chief has incredible power and vacuum thanks to a more powerful engine and larger blower. Like the Warrior, the Chief is a simple, dependable machine. The primary difference is on water damage jobs and large commercial projects you can take TCS Chiefadvantage of the additional lift provided by the 4M blower as well as a 100 gallon recovery tank. The additional lift helps maintain plenty of vacuum out to 600 feet.

Specifications Accessories

Honda GX690 Engine
Sutorbilt™ 4M DSL @ 331 CFM vac blower
General Emperor HTX 1810S solution pump
Little Giant 3 HT 120,000 btu @ 200+ degrees heater
250′ vacuum hose w/ reel
solution hose w/ live reel
100′ supply hose w/ live ree
100 gallon recovery tank
55 gallon fresh water tank
Stainless steel 2 jet S-bend wand
$15,795 Complete- Applicable shipping & taxes not included. DOT approved fuel tap may be required.

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