At LastAt Last

Finally a deodorizer that works. AT LAST is a new, oxidizing odor counteractant that is effective on all protein odors from dead body odor to pet urine. At Last oxidizes the odor molecule and leaves a pleasant orange fragrance in its place. Super concentrated and dilutes 10:1 with water (1 gallon makes 11 gallons). DO NOT APPLY AT A STRONGER DILUTION THAN 10:1. Effective on all fibers and surfaces.

Ready to use pH-9.0

Test for colorfastness or color change on textiles in an inconspicuous area before using. Mix 1 part At Last Deodorizer with 10 parts hot water (12 oz. per gallon). Mix well and apply to affected areas with a pump-up or electric sprayer. Allow 10 – 20 minutes dwell time. Clean thoroughly. Locate urine contaminated areas with a black light or moisture detector and spray or inject areas until saturated. For best results use undiluted in an in-line pressure sprayer (10:1 tip) and agitate with a pile brush or rake.

Redline Liquid Prespray

redlineliquidpresprayFinally, a liquid traffic lane cleaner that earns the name “Redline Liquid Prespray”. Ultra concentrated with our 32:1, super thick formula. Easily cleans the dirtiest, greasiest, filthiest traffic lanes you encounter. Extensively field tested with rave reviews by the cleaners who used the product. This product outperforms the competition and is safe to use on stain resist carpeting. You’re not buying water with this product!

Ready-to-use pH is 9.9
Mix 1 part RedLine Liqid Prespray with 32 parts hot water (4 oz per gallon of water). Mix well and apply to carpet. For use with an in-line sprayer use undiluted with the 32:1 metering tip or mix 1.5 quarts of RedLine Liqid Prespray with 3.5 quarts water. For best results agitate with a pile brush or rake.


Accelerator Premium Detergent Booster has a unique property that increases the cleaning strength of any liquid or powder detergents. Enhances the performance of carpet, upholstery, and wall cleaning detergents to increase their power in removing stains, cleaning, and revitalizing the true color of fibers. Effective over a broad range of temperatures. Environmentally safe, easy to handle and use, and economical. Accelerator will lose its effectiveness after 12 hours and should be revitalized by adding additional amounts of Accelerator to the cleaning solution.

Directions for use:

Must be mixed with a detergent, do not mix with water only.

For truck mount equipment add 3 oz. (3 scoops) of Accelerator to each 5 gallons of chemical stock.

For portables add 1 oz. (1 scoop) of Accelerator to each 5 gallons of ready to use solution.

For presprays add 1/2 oz. (1/2 scoop) of Accelerator per gallon of solution.

For use in an in-line sprayer, mix 5 oz. (5 scoops) of Accelerator with 5 quarts of prespray.


MasterBlend Zap It Citrus Solvent Gal. - Click Image to CloseRemoves grease, oil, tar, chewing gum, asphalt, adhesive, glue, spray paint, lipstick, toner, crayon, ink, shoe polish, and more. It is safer for the environment, and concentrated for economy. Ready to use pH is 10.0

Directions for use:

Spotter: Use full strength or dilute up to 5:1 with water.
Cleaning Additive: Add 1-2 ounces per gallon of presprays or emulsifiers to improve cleaning performance.
Prespray: Dilute 20:1 for an excellent citrus prespray.


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