B-Air Vent VP-33 ETL

  • 0.33 HP Motor
  • 2.9 amps & onboard GFCI
  • Daisy Chain up to 4 units
  • 2-Speed, 2530 CFM
  • 26lbs
  • 4-up Stackable, Wall mountable
  • Available in blue, red and green
  • 1yr warranty / 5yrs housing

Focal Point Axial Air Mover

Axial fans have revolutionized water restoration and the Focal Point is the next evolutionary step in axial fans. The patent pending technology produces air velocities at least 40% greater than competitive products! The Focal Point is a 2-speed fan that draws only 2.5 amps so multiple units can be used on the same circuit. It delivers a focused 3,000 CFM air stream and sustains these velocities over 22.5 feet!


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